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Monthly Archives: February 2019


February calendar

Print it out, stick to the fridge door. Challenge each family member to do green or dark blue or perhaps odd numbers...brownie points to anybody that does them all


A big thank you

A big thank you to you all...Aylesbury Therapy for Kids Facebook page now has 1000 likes. Hopefully you get something out of the content and ideas that are shared on the site. A big warm [...]


Challenged by anger?

Many children I work with are challenged by their anger. This powerful quote helps to demonstrate that they are giving all their control and power to somebody or something else. Does the child really wish [...]


A day in school.

I work in two schools in Reading and Milton Keynes carrying out workshops and 121 sessions for a range of children. This can be fairly typical of the workshops. A small group of Year 4 [...]


New and improved

A great new less cluttered more spacious look to my consulting room in Fairford Leys. Thanks to Andy and his team at the centre.


A mothers story.

It is another day. Maybe this one will be better, about due a good day. Yesterday was just awful, the worst for some time, and oh so tiring. Yes I am stressed and yes I [...]


I got an Avatar!

As part of NLP4Kids I am also a member of their not for profit Superheroes organisation...as such I get an Avatar! mmm...comments?

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