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Monthly Archives: May 2019

School inspection…the first!

I had my first school inspection by Gemma Bailey today ''Got the boys to pay attention and bought them in line when A was being silly. Ian didn’t overreact or react too harshly towards him [...]



At my Fairford Leys based therapy clinic, I see not only children and young people but a lot of parents too. One thing that many parents come and see me about is the high levels [...]


Back to School

Going back to school after an Easter break filled with the joy of chocolate is a challenging prospect for many children. Possibly there will be new teachers, new routine, new classrooms, perhaps they now need [...]


Confident children

Confident children Confidence is a state which brings us happiness and certainty when we have it, and at worst anxiety and sadness when we do not. Developing confidence in children is a matter of giving [...]

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