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Aylesbury Therapy for Kids use established programmes to help children manage their own emotional state. I help them to become inspired and motivated by the opportunities life presents them. Kids will learn how to build valuable relationships, confidence, self esteem and how to eliminate troubling past events… Read More.



This is probably the question I get asked most often – by clients, at dinner parties, by friends and family! I have stolen the words of Gemma Bailey (NLP4kids) here…’Neuro relates to the brain – so your thought processes and internal focus. ‘Linguistic’ refers to your language which could be your communication with others or your self-talk within. ‘Programming’ is about the patterns of behaviour that you consistently follow such as good and bad habits.


“Ian is a thoroughly committed practitioner who has the dedication required to explore his client’s mind with gentle curiosity and the creativity and humour needed to help them begin thinking in new and more helpful ways.”

Gemma Bailey, NLP4Kids Company Director

“Ian has worked wonders with my 16 year old son… he has made him feel relaxed and not ashamed of why he needs help.. would recommend him to anyone..

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