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April 2018

What is NLP?

Learning NLP strategies is like learning the language of your own mind. It is understanding that your conscious mind is in control. But if it does not communicate effectively with the unconscious mind things have [...]

March 2018

February 2018

New therapy rooms

Great news. I have been able to secure new therapy rooms for 121 sessions at The Fairford Leys Community Centre. They are nice rooms with a waiting area, coffee available! They are more readily available [...]

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NLP4Kids – Articles & Videos

- Gemma Bailey

Communication skills impact upon a child’s ability to listen, understand and express themselves. These skills are fundamental to problem solving and maintaining relationships. It has a big impact on t [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Children are not equipped to deal with certain situations which may occur at home, or at school which often result in anxiety and behavioural problems. These are mainly caused by poor coping strategie [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Are you afraid to say no? Whilst it is often a child’s least favourite word to hear, the word ‘no’ can let them know that you care enough to boundaries in place. However, some wise young people have l [...]

- Gemma Bailey

  Do you find it difficult to distinguish a good idea from a bad one? Using the ecology map can be a good way to think about the impact, outcomes and consequences of what you do, before you do it. It [...]

- Debbie Kinghorn

I watched a clip this week on the BBC News of Donald Trump “listening” to family and friends of those who lost their lives in the recent school massacres in the USA. After the “listening” period, Pres [...]

- Gemma Bailey

The most challenging issue that a parent seems to faced is a child with a challenging behaviour. In boys, this will generally come in the form of fighting, anger and frustration, low levels of resilie [...]

- Gemma Bailey

If you are someone who seems to attract problems to solve (and they’re not even your problems anyway!) then you need to watch this video. It could be that you are a serial saver, doomed for a life of [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Have you ever had a hateful comment on social media? If so, how did you deal with it? For some people, they forget their manners when they’re behind a screen. They perhaps feel it is a way to let our [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Let me first begin by excusing the title of this article. I know that for many parents or professionals who are reaching a point of desperation in the relationship or interaction with a challenging yo [...]

- Gemma Bailey

GIVEAWAY RULES: Must be subscribed to NLP4Kids on Youtube – Comment below where you’re from and how we can contact you – whether its Instagram, twitter, or email! You m [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Ofsted admits some 'outstanding schools aren't that good'"Outstanding" schools may not be as good as their rating suggests, says Ofsted. [...]

More than 20,000 children in rural England have lost access to free school transport, say local auth [...]

Disabled boy sues theme park over lack of suitable toiletA severely disabled boy, 11, says Flambards Theme Park in Cornwall is discriminating against him. [...]

'Relax A-level grades for some medical students'Entry requirements for medical degrees should be lowered for those from the worst UK schools. [...]

Oxford University involved in Twitter row with David LammyThe university apologises after retweeting criticism of the MP from one of its students. [...]

Ethnically mixed schools lessen hostilityTeenagers at more racially diverse schools are less likely to have negative views of other groups, s [...]

I wish mum's phone was never inventedA teacher's Facebook post about inventions her pupils wish had not been created is making paren [...]

'Sharenting' puts young at risk of online fraudParents are compromising their children's future financial security with online sharing, warns [...]

German police stop 'truant' families at airportTrying to avoid peak holiday time could mean fines for some Bavarian parents. [...]

Greenwich University fined £120,000 for data breachThe Information Commissioner said the data breach, which included students' health problems, wa [...]