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July 2018

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NLP4Kids – Articles & Videos

- Gemma Bailey

Unfortunately, all schools have some form of bullying incidents occuring within their school. Bullying can occur verbally, physically or emotionally. The Department of education once stated that at an [...]

- Gemma Bailey

One of our practitioners recently worked in a boys school where a certain number of boys in the school had anger and mental health issues which had caused significant disruption in their lives. This r [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Communication skills impact upon a child’s ability to listen, understand and express themselves. These skills are fundamental to problem solving and maintaining relationships. It has a big impact on t [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Children are not equipped to deal with certain situations which may occur at home, or at school which often result in anxiety and behavioural problems. These are mainly caused by poor coping strategie [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Are you afraid to say no? Whilst it is often a child’s least favourite word to hear, the word ‘no’ can let them know that you care enough to boundaries in place. However, some wise young people have l [...]

- Gemma Bailey

  Do you find it difficult to distinguish a good idea from a bad one? Using the ecology map can be a good way to think about the impact, outcomes and consequences of what you do, before you do it. It [...]

- Debbie Kinghorn

I watched a clip this week on the BBC News of Donald Trump “listening” to family and friends of those who lost their lives in the recent school massacres in the USA. After the “listening” period, Pres [...]

- Gemma Bailey

The most challenging issue that a parent seems to faced is a child with a challenging behaviour. In boys, this will generally come in the form of fighting, anger and frustration, low levels of resilie [...]

- Gemma Bailey

If you are someone who seems to attract problems to solve (and they’re not even your problems anyway!) then you need to watch this video. It could be that you are a serial saver, doomed for a life of [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Have you ever had a hateful comment on social media? If so, how did you deal with it? For some people, they forget their manners when they’re behind a screen. They perhaps feel it is a way to let our [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Parents set to lose right to veto sex education at age 15Pupils should be able to request sex education against their parents' wishes, the government sa [...]

Plan to teach all children first aidIt comes after an inquiry into the Manchester bombing found that many adults lacked life-saving skil [...]

Schools expel 40 pupils each day, data showsThe number of pupils expelled from school rises by 15%, as heads blame cuts to support. [...]

Australia overtaking UK for overseas studentsAustralia is overtaking the UK as the world's second biggest destination for international stud [...]

Poor mental health 'part and parcel of childhood'There is currently a children's mental health epidemic, England's Children's Commissi [...]

'Generation Sensible' in five chartsWhether it's drinking or taking drugs, young people in the UK seem to be getting more sensible. [...]

Fortnite: Schools 'could learn lessons from gaming'Should teachers in Wales adopt some of the techniques from gaming to make lessons more engaging? [...]

Colburn school exam results annulled after inquiryInvestigation said Key Stage 2 Sats writing assessments were impacted by "maladministration [...]

Foodbanks in Wales brace for hungry children over summerSchool holidays will bring some families to crisis point, foodbank networks in Wales are warning. [...]

Schools alone cannot fix childhood obesity, says Ofsted bossFactors beyond the school gate make it impossible for schools to affect pupils' weight, says re [...]