August 2019

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Inevitably the summer time brings about change. Whether it’s school transition, a new teacher, a new class or a change in your family life, the summer will usually offer up as much change as it offers [...]

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The term ‘slow learner’ is a misrepresentation (and poor terminology) of what is often going on inside the mind of a child or teenager who isn’t keeping up either academically or developmentally with [...]

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Through my work at my Hertfordshire Therapy Clinic I’ve noticed a regularly occurring issue amongst teenagers: being able to take responsibility for their emotions. What I’ve noticed with a lot of the [...]

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What makes someone reliable, trustworthy, someone you can depend on? Maybe it has something to do with believing their word and knowing that they will stick to their commitments. Sometimes we can be p [...]

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The summer holidays are fast approaching and alongside the slightly more relaxed vibe this can offer, there is also a great opportunity to make a plan… a plan to have fun! Just like other things in a [...]

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Now, I’m not saying that this was not a frightening experience. Having a child choke on your watch is a terrifying experience but there isn’t much to be gained by freaking out. And after the incident [...]

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If you want to have less arguments, more clear thinking and better understanding the key is in your communication and specifically the questions you ask. Using good quality questions you can begin to [...]

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This year we’re making a statistical difference to anxiety and depression in children and young people – and we can prove it! I’m going to share with you something very interesting – and exciting(!) I [...]

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Sometimes it is not appropriate to sit down with your young person and do a formal intervention. Maybe you’re not in the right time or the right place to make that happen, or maybe the subject doesn’t [...]

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At my Hertfordshire based therapy clinic, I see not only children and young people but a lot of parents too. One thing that many parents come and see me about is the high levels of anxiety their child [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

University admissions service says the top grade in a T-level qualification will be worth 168 Ucas p [...]

Graduates have paid millions in repayments even though their student loans have been cleared. [...]

At 16, teenagers face a number of training or education choices - but how have these decisions chang [...]

The proportion of surveyed pupils who have ever smoked tobacco drops to a record low of 16%. [...]

The Home Office is to allow courts to impose restrictions on people police suspect carry weapons. [...]

Students snap up record number of university places through clearing a day after the A-level results [...]

Girls overtake boys with top grades as 300,000 pupils learn results in England, Wales and Northern I [...]

However, no punishment will be levelled at pupils or parents if they choose to strike for a longer p [...]

Grime artiste Stormzy pledges to fund two more Cambridge students. [...]

Eddie Playfair, of the Association of Colleges, and Helena Poole, of Which? University, offer advice [...]