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I often see young people at my therapy space in Hertfordshire who have been brought along by their parents because they (as parents) are worried about their progress in some way – be it academically,

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‘Where your attention goes energy flows’ is a common saying in the world of personal development. But is it technically true? Probably not, but it is a useful thing to keep in mind when we are dealing

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I often see parents at my private therapy practice in Hertfordshire and we often look at the values of a ‘good parent’. I get the pair to brainstorm ideas about what key things a parent should do or p

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In my Hertfordshire clinic, I use my basement to deliver training for some of the NLP4Kids practitioners and I also deliver training to young people under my not-for-profit organisation Superheroes. T

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Parents & Professionals: Stop Coronavirus Worries & Anxiety: Children and Young People Children & Young People: How to Be Honest Without Causing Worry: Parents and Professionals Whilst thi

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We all know that some parents and professionals end up being flaky, but I want to share with you some of the reasons why I think it happens. The challenge with this subject area is that there is a bal

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Parents & Professionals: Getting Young People to Listen Children & Young People: How to get Motivated We each have different listening and speaking styles and understanding which you and your

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I see a lot of parents and their children at my Hertfordshire therapy space and here’s what I’ve noticed: sometimes children and young people have problems. Sometimes there are issues with their behav

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Parents & Professionals: Creating Family Values Children & Young People: I Can’t Do It! Our values exist at a much deeper level than our beliefs and can therefore have a great deal of influenc

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Sometimes I’m in agreement with children that they need to have access to information: like knowing why they aren’t allowed to do or have something, why they may be disciplined, what your reasoning is

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