December 2018

Anxiety? This helpful booklet is a must

Came across this excellent booklet while researching today. Very helpful for children that experience anxiety over tests but also those that face the challenge on a daily basis

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- Gemma Bailey

Is your child independent in their learning? Do they take responsibility for thinking about themselves? Many pupils would benefit further from taking more authority in their learning. For these pupils [...]

- admin

Ok, confession time. I *think* sometimes poor behaviour is getting labelled up as anxiety in children and young people. I’ve thought this for a while and today I decided to fess-up publicly and say so [...]

- admin

If you have struggled in the past to let go of bad things that happened in the past and continue to worry about them now, you need to watch this video! Here I will explain the unique code you use in y [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Within any classroom, there is always that select few of very quiet and shy children who find it very difficult to make friends (sometimes because they appear hostile) and are perceived to have skill [...]

- admin

Stop Being a Perfectionist: Children & Young People If everything needs to be ‘just so’ and perfect, you could be wearing yourself out unnecessarily. As I perfectionist myself, I would never tell [...]

- admin

Are young people being pushed to breaking point with too much pressure? Are you being pushed to breaking point with too much pressure?! In this video we explore the benefits of achieving more, by doin [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Shawn Achor (An American happiness researcher, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology) reports that only 25% of success in a job is based on your ability to do the job. The [...]

- admin

Why is it that sometimes we want to connect with others and at other times you want to be one of a kind? Is there a reason for this too and fro between wanting to be unique and wanting to connect? Yes [...]

- admin

How do you get the balance right between being a parent/professional working with children when it comes to friendship vs boundary setting? Does it cause any harm if you negotiate with children at the [...]

- Dawn Howell

The sunshine is here and that can mean one thing, the dreaded application of sun-cream to the child! Now, I’d like to say that it’s a bit like the scene from Mary Poppins and the ‘spoonful of sugar’ a [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Could student loans ruling mean the system is redesigned?The ONS is about to announce how it will treat student loans in the national accounts. Will it lead [...]

Young homeless blocked from renting, says reportOnly one in five landlords would let to a young person who has been homeless, says report. [...]

Primary school tables: Poor pupils won't catch up for 50 yearsAs primary school league tables are published, we reveal how long it will take for poor pupils to ca [...]

Suffolk teacher jailed for having sex with two pupilsThe judge said the defendant's text messages recorded his activities in "explicit detail [...]

'Racist' law society disbanded by University of ExeterThe Bracton Law Society at the University of Exeter has been disbanded following a major review. [...]

With three D grades at A-level, 80% got university placesUniversity admissions figures show this was a good year for students looking for places. [...]

Teenage victims 'more likely to self-harm'Schemes to stop adolescents becoming victims may lower the likelihood of them self-harming, a study [...]

Young highly sceptical of social mobilityMany young adults think your social background gets you further in life than talent, a survey says. [...]

Child advice chatbots fail to spot sexual abuseTwo leading chat apps also struggled with questions about drugs and bulimia. [...]

Ethnic minority academics earn less than white colleaguesBBC analysis shows a 26% ethnic pay gap at some of the UK's best-known universities. [...]