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March 2020

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Parents & Professionals: Stop Coronavirus Worries & Anxiety: Children and Young People Children & Young People: How to Be Honest Without Causing Worry: Parents and Professionals Whilst thi [...]

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We all know that some parents and professionals end up being flaky, but I want to share with you some of the reasons why I think it happens. The challenge with this subject area is that there is a bal [...]

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Parents & Professionals: Getting Young People to Listen Children & Young People: How to get Motivated We each have different listening and speaking styles and understanding which you and your [...]

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I see a lot of parents and their children at my Hertfordshire therapy space and here’s what I’ve noticed: sometimes children and young people have problems. Sometimes there are issues with their behav [...]

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Parents & Professionals: Creating Family Values Children & Young People: I Can’t Do It! Our values exist at a much deeper level than our beliefs and can therefore have a great deal of influenc [...]

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Sometimes I’m in agreement with children that they need to have access to information: like knowing why they aren’t allowed to do or have something, why they may be disciplined, what your reasoning is [...]

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In addition to becoming more resilient so that you can see those comments and let them slide, there is another serious thing for you to consider. And that is simply blocking the people who made the co [...]

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An increasing issue that I am helping young people manage when they come to see me in my Hertfordshire NLP4Kids therapy space is how to manage negativity on social media. Now, I’m not going to say tha [...]

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Parents And Professionals: What CAN You Do? Children And Young People: When You Want To Quit As parents and professionals, you’re hard wired to notice what’s not yet learned or where your young person [...]

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3) If you are someone, like me, who is highly visual, then you will be good at making up scenes in your mind. It may be that you have a super overactive imagination. A wonderful imagination can be a b [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

As many childcare providers close their doors, key workers with young children tell the BBC they are [...]

Universities are considering fixed limits on student numbers amid financial worries over admissions. [...]

Holly King-Mand has gathered thousands of followers after starting her Facebook lessons on Monday. [...]

After one minister airs confusing advice, parents give their verdict on visiting under coronavirus. [...]

Head teachers in England seek clearer safety advice after virus death and lockdown announcement. [...]

The 12 digital lessons will be available to download until the end of June. [...]

Universities warned not to put pressure on anxious applicants after A-levels cancelled. [...]

Head teachers say parents have respected calls only to send children to school as a last option. [...]

As schools closed, millions of parents became instant homeschoolers. What happened on day one? [...]

As schools close their doors across the UK, we look at what will happen next. [...]