April 2019

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Resilience is a buzz-word used by lots of people these days and often it gets muddled up with confidence and self-esteem. Resilience is your ability to bounce back after having a bad experience or som [...]

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If it is possible that children learn everything they know from the adults (parents and teachers) who interact with them, is it possible that they can also take on board mental health issues of others [...]

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Giving your time to the young people in your life is so incredibly important – both for them and for you. I know that you are tired, stressed and already short on time, so I feel somewhat guilty askin [...]

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Wouldn’t it be easier to change the way you behave if you had a bit of support in doing so? The problem is to know how to ask for it. Often we get too fixed on the behaviour we want to avoid and then [...]

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Why do we have walls on our house and fences around our gardens? Well, the answer might not be all that different to the reasons why rules, boundaries and discipline are good for the children you work [...]

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Last month I talked about how parents can help improve concentration in their children and received an overwhelming response from professionals asking how they can help out too. Never fear I have some [...]

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If you are in need are you exempt from giving? Should you be? I believe there is value in teaching children and young people kindness, no matter what their background or circumstances. Compassion, lik [...]

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We often think of anger as purely a negative emotion that exists only to cause disruption and damage. However anger is a great source of power and energy. It’s only really a problem if you a) get angr [...]

- Gemma Bailey

I consider concentration skills to be a slightly delicate area. Let me explain why. In my Hertfordshire therapy clinic, I see a lot of well-meaning parents who bring their children to see me because t [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Imagine seeing the place you once called home destroyed. Your friends and family, terrified, injured or killed and being told that the only chance you have to survive is to flee. Then you land here, i [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Food bank supplies help record numbersThe UK's biggest food bank charity handed out 1.6 million food packages last year. [...]

Council spending on single homelessness 'down by £5bn since 2009'Analysis suggests councils have lost billions from their budgets for lone homeless people since 2009 [...]

'I changed my gender after my wife got dementia'Steve had gender reassignment surgery after his wife, Jill, moved into a care home. [...]

A-level maths leak referred by police to prosecutorsExam board says police have referred an A-level maths leak case to the Crown Prosecution Service. [...]

More female teachers report upskirting, says unionThe NASUWT union says schools should consider banning mobile phones to protect staff and pupils. [...]

Easter Sats revision classes 'a growing trend'The NASUWT teachers' union says primary pupils should be spending time at home with their famil [...]

Teachers face weekly violence from pupils, says surveyMany more say verbal abuse is part of daily working life, a teachers' union survey finds. [...]

Author Sharna Jackson: Bringing diversity into children's booksThe children's novelist inspiring BAME readers to see themselves positively in the stories they [...]

Inside the school for bullied childrenTwo teenagers explain how a tiny specialist school gave them the confidence to continue their educat [...]

ENA: The elite French school that trains presidentsENA is a finishing school for French leaders - but its days of elitism may be numbered. [...]