November 2018

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NLP4Kids – Articles & Videos

- Gemma Bailey

Within any classroom, there is always that select few of very quiet and shy children who find it very difficult to make friends (sometimes because they appear hostile) and are perceived to have skill [...]

- admin

Stop Being a Perfectionist: Children & Young People If everything needs to be ‘just so’ and perfect, you could be wearing yourself out unnecessarily. As I perfectionist myself, I would never tell [...]

- admin

Are young people being pushed to breaking point with too much pressure? Are you being pushed to breaking point with too much pressure?! In this video we explore the benefits of achieving more, by doin [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Shawn Achor (An American happiness researcher, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology) reports that only 25% of success in a job is based on your ability to do the job. The [...]

- admin

Why is it that sometimes we want to connect with others and at other times you want to be one of a kind? Is there a reason for this too and fro between wanting to be unique and wanting to connect? Yes [...]

- admin

How do you get the balance right between being a parent/professional working with children when it comes to friendship vs boundary setting? Does it cause any harm if you negotiate with children at the [...]

- Dawn Howell

The sunshine is here and that can mean one thing, the dreaded application of sun-cream to the child! Now, I’d like to say that it’s a bit like the scene from Mary Poppins and the ‘spoonful of sugar’ a [...]

- Dawn Howell

  It’s the eve of ‘return to school’ and my son is starting Year 2! He has without a doubt had a brilliant summer, although if you were to ask him he would just say it’s been ‘boring’ and do a kind of [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Parents have remarked how their children hold back from expressing themselves in school but will frequently complain about a variety of situations related to school when they get home. Children can ex [...]

- Helen Willis

It’s exam results time again and while many young people are out celebrating their success, others are feeling disappointed and worried about their future. So what can you do to support your child if [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

'Hundreds of pupils spend week in school isolation booths'More than 200 children spent five consecutive days in an isolation booth in English schools, the BBC [...]

'Controversial' ideas to be given outletA new journal will allow academics to publish controversial articles under a pseudonym. [...]

Bullying: Children point finger at adultsFour out of 10 children aged 11-16 say they have seen adults bullying each other in the past six mon [...]

Children are being 'datafied from birth'Internet giants and toy-makers should be clear about the data they collect, children's commissi [...]

Oxford University denies it rejected Stormzy scholarshipIt says it has "not received or turned down any offer or proposal to fund undergraduate scholar [...]

Child protection services near crisis as demand risesSignificant harm investigations have more than doubled in England over a decade - but what do we kno [...]

'Press reset' to win back overseas studentsThey bring huge benefits but increasingly shun the UK for US, Canada and Australia, says report. [...]

'Tinkering' children make robots, planes and catapultsPrimary pupils in Manchester take on design projects to boost creativity and problem solving skills. [...]

'I do my school work from my hospital bed'Ashleigh tells us how she copes with kidney disease [...]

School isolation rooms: 'It was like I didn't exist'More than 200 school children spent at least five consecutive days in school isolation booths last y [...]