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March 2018

February 2018

New therapy rooms

Great news. I have been able to secure new therapy rooms for 121 sessions at The Fairford Leys Community Centre. They are nice rooms with a waiting area, coffee available! They are more readily available [...]

November 2017

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NLP4Kids – Articles & Videos

- Debbie Kinghorn

I watched a clip this week on the BBC News of Donald Trump “listening” to family and friends of those who lost their lives in the recent school massacres in the USA. After the “listening” period, Pres [...]

- Gemma Bailey

The most challenging issue that a parent seems to faced is a child with a challenging behaviour. In boys, this will generally come in the form of fighting, anger and frustration, low levels of resilie [...]

- Gemma Bailey

If you are someone who seems to attract problems to solve (and they’re not even your problems anyway!) then you need to watch this video. It could be that you are a serial saver, doomed for a life of [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Have you ever had a hateful comment on social media? If so, how did you deal with it? For some people, they forget their manners when they’re behind a screen. They perhaps feel it is a way to let our [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Let me first begin by excusing the title of this article. I know that for many parents or professionals who are reaching a point of desperation in the relationship or interaction with a challenging yo [...]

- Gemma Bailey

GIVEAWAY RULES: Must be subscribed to NLP4Kids on Youtube – Comment below where you’re from and how we can contact you – whether its Instagram, twitter, or email! You m [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Here’s a Christmas message letting you know about the highs and lows of NLP4Kids in 2017. It’s been a challenging year on a personal level but we still managed to achieve some great successes and gave [...]

- Gemma Bailey

NLP4Kids are delighted to announce a new member to the NLP4Kids team. Shannen Herber, from Hertfordshire, is our newest NLP4Kids Practitioner. Shannen works with children and families to develop a lov [...]

- Gemma Bailey

As a nanny, I was very conscious of ensuring that all of the children felt that they had an equal (within reason) share of my time. We used to do an activity called DSNFSE (I know it’s not a very catc [...]

- Gemma Bailey

One of our NLP4Kids Practitioners, Debbie K has recently returned to her home county of Derbyshire and we’re so pleased to have her flying the NLP4Kids flag across the East Midlands. Debbie has been w [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Florida shooting: Survivors reject the arming of teachersStudents from the school where 17 died in a gun attack say arming teachers would add to the danger. [...]

Hundreds of nurses 'hit by student loan errors'Nursing students at a number of universities struggle with student loan overpayments, says the nurse [...]

Number of secondary schools in deficit has 'trebled'There has been a "trebling" of the number of secondaries in England which have gone into d [...]

Gender pay gap starts from graduation, data suggestsFemale graduates earn less from the very start of their careers, government data suggests. [...]

University place demand to grow by 300,000 by 2030Demand for university places in England is set to grow by 300,000, a higher education think tank say [...]

'Striking weaknesses' in adult financial skillsA quarter of adults across 31 countries struggle to work out how much change they should get in a sh [...]

Omega Labyrinth Z anime game banned in the UKA PlayStation game which "promotes the sexualisation of children" is banned in the UK. [...]

Parents fined £24m for children's truancy and term time holidaysSome parents say they budget for the cost of term-time fines when planning their family holidays. [...]

University strikes split student opinionAs the lecturer strike continues, we asked students in Liverpool what they make of it. [...]

Selection and cap numbers for faith schools in EnglandSenior religious and humanist figures publish an open letter encouraging the government not to drop [...]