The question I get asked every day…

‘Can you help?’ These are some of the challenges faced by a few of the children I have worked with successfully recently in 121 coaching sessions and school workshops.. (All names changed) Bill, anger issues [...]


A great article for those of us facing difficult times.

A great article for those of us facing difficult times. Even if you are not, there is some great advice to be had here.


Making Time For Children

Giving your time to the young people in your life is so incredibly important - both for them and for you. I know that you are tired, stressed and already short on time, so I [...]


Getting Children to Concentrate

Last month I talked about how parents can help improve concentration in their children and received an overwhelming response from others asking how they can help out too. Never fear I have some advice for [...]


Do you have an angry child?

Consider this... Is there an angry adult in the household? How do they deal with their anger? Do they blast in through the door at the end of the day blaming everybody else for their [...]