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What’s your ‘Real’ Problem?

These strategies will help you pin down and identify a problem. Sometimes we're not immediately sure about what the problem is, or perhaps you think you know, but then it shifts and changes into something [...]


Article stolen from Gemma Bailey

Is humour an appropriate way to interrupt someone’s emotional state? I have recently completed an NLP practitioner training course and have sent some wonderful new people off into the world. A question about humour in [...]


Going Soft

When I am communicating with parents I'm often telling them that they are being a bit too wishy-washy, a bit too soft and that they need a bit more backbone in their style to get [...]


Once there lived an old man…

Once there lived an old man who kept all different kinds of animals. But his grandson was particularly intrigued by two tigers that lived together in one cage. The tigers had very different temperaments. One [...]

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