May 2019


At my Fairford Leys based therapy clinic, I see not only children and young people but a lot of parents too. One thing that many parents come and see me about is the high levels [...]

Back to School

Going back to school after an Easter break filled with the joy of chocolate is a challenging prospect for many children. Possibly there will be new teachers, new routine, new classrooms, perhaps they now need [...]

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If you want to have less arguments, more clear thinking and better understanding the key is in your communication and specifically the questions you ask. Using good quality questions you can begin to [...]

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This year we’re making a statistical difference to anxiety and depression in children and young people – and we can prove it! I’m going to share with you something very interesting – and exciting(!) I [...]

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Sometimes it is not appropriate to sit down with your young person and do a formal intervention. Maybe you’re not in the right time or the right place to make that happen, or maybe the subject doesn’t [...]

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At my Hertfordshire based therapy clinic, I see not only children and young people but a lot of parents too. One thing that many parents come and see me about is the high levels of anxiety their child [...]

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Resilience is a buzz-word used by lots of people these days and often it gets muddled up with confidence and self-esteem. Resilience is your ability to bounce back after having a bad experience or som [...]

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If it is possible that children learn everything they know from the adults (parents and teachers) who interact with them, is it possible that they can also take on board mental health issues of others [...]

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Giving your time to the young people in your life is so incredibly important – both for them and for you. I know that you are tired, stressed and already short on time, so I feel somewhat guilty askin [...]

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Wouldn’t it be easier to change the way you behave if you had a bit of support in doing so? The problem is to know how to ask for it. Often we get too fixed on the behaviour we want to avoid and then [...]

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Why do we have walls on our house and fences around our gardens? Well, the answer might not be all that different to the reasons why rules, boundaries and discipline are good for the children you work [...]

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Last month I talked about how parents can help improve concentration in their children and received an overwhelming response from professionals asking how they can help out too. Never fear I have some [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Edexcel launches investigation after A-level maths paper leaked onlinePart of an Edexcel maths paper was shared on social media ahead of the exam on Friday. [...]

Ofsted sounds warning over outstanding schoolsNumerous outstanding schools are downgraded by Ofsted after concerns are raised. [...]

Secondary teachers 'want more flexible working patterns'A lack of flexibility is contributing to secondary teachers leaving the profession, a report warns. [...]

Birmingham LGBT school row: MP Roger Godsiff given warningLabour MP Roger Godsiff is reprimanded after voicing support for parents opposed to LGBT teaching. [...]

Students want parents to be told in mental health crisisTwo-thirds of students say universities should contact parents about any serious mental health issue [...]

UK one of 'least family friendly' countries in EuropeThe UK fares badly in rankings for paid parental leave and affordable quality childcare. [...]

Amazon sued over Alexa child recordings in USTwo complaints claim the firm lacks the required consent to build and store youngsters' voice p [...]

Maths paper leak: Students' fury at exam board 'shambles'Students who sat the Edexcel A-level maths paper claim 'widespread' leak occurred hours be [...]

What's the right age to quit maths?Arts students are protesting their school's academic requirements. Should they have to take mat [...]

Trade war: How reliant are US colleges on Chinese students?American universities enrol hundreds of thousands of Chinese students each year. [...]