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If you are in need are you exempt from giving? Should you be? I believe there is value in teaching children and young people kindness, no matter what their background or circumstances. Compassion, lik [...]

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We often think of anger as purely a negative emotion that exists only to cause disruption and damage. However anger is a great source of power and energy. It’s only really a problem if you a) get angr [...]

- Gemma Bailey

I consider concentration skills to be a slightly delicate area. Let me explain why. In my Hertfordshire therapy clinic, I see a lot of well-meaning parents who bring their children to see me because t [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Imagine seeing the place you once called home destroyed. Your friends and family, terrified, injured or killed and being told that the only chance you have to survive is to flee. Then you land here, i [...]

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Your house is on fire. Do you first figure out the source of the fire and then run, or do you just run? I guess that may depend upon how bad the fire is but I see a lot of cases of diagnosing where we [...]

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The commonly used word for accepting others is tolerance. Sometimes our tolerance is challenged when we have to share our space on the planet with others who are just like us on the inside, but who lo [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Is your child independent in their learning? Do they take responsibility for thinking about themselves? Many pupils would benefit further from taking more authority in their learning. For these pupils [...]

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Ok, confession time. I *think* sometimes poor behaviour is getting labelled up as anxiety in children and young people. I’ve thought this for a while and today I decided to fess-up publicly and say so [...]

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If you have struggled in the past to let go of bad things that happened in the past and continue to worry about them now, you need to watch this video! Here I will explain the unique code you use in y [...]

- Gemma Bailey

Within any classroom, there is always that select few of very quiet and shy children who find it very difficult to make friends (sometimes because they appear hostile) and are perceived to have skill [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Government faces High Court action over children's rightsA children's charity is seeking a judicial review of government guidance over vulnerable childr [...]

Anti-Semitism: University of Essex suspends worker amid rowA vote on a proposed Jewish Society has been scrapped after the university said it would be set up. [...]

Warning over cost of caring for young asylum seekersCouncils are struggling with the rising costs of caring for young asylum seekers. [...]

Lecturer's widow hits out at Cardiff University workloadDr Malcolm Anderson killed himself after complaining about mounting pressure at work. [...]

LGBT-row teacher up for $1m global prizeThe assistant head at the centre of a row over lessons on LGBT rights is shortlisted for a global te [...]

Brexit 'could risk children's safety', warn commissionersChild abuse, exploitation and abduction are all "immediate issues", say UK children's [...]

LGBT-row teacher on teaching kids about equalityLGBT-row teacher on teaching kids about equality [...]

The self-taught pianist drawing crowdsHundreds of thousands of people have seen this student play after he learned the piano using online [...]

Nephew, 5, inspires hairdresser's Spargoland 'sensory' salonA hairdresser says his five-year-old nephew, who has cerebral palsy, inspired his specialist salon. [...]

Climate march students: 'We need change and we need it now'Students have protested across the UK to air their views on the issue of climate change. We talked t [...]