November 2019

Don’t reinforce the child’s fears

Don’t reinforce the child’s fears. What you don’t want to do is be saying, with your tone of voice or body language: “Maybe this is something that you should be afraid of.” Let’s say a [...]

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Sometimes I’m in agreement with children that they need to have access to information: like knowing why they aren’t allowed to do or have something, why they may be disciplined, what your reasoning is [...]

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In addition to becoming more resilient so that you can see those comments and let them slide, there is another serious thing for you to consider. And that is simply blocking the people who made the co [...]

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An increasing issue that I am helping young people manage when they come to see me in my Hertfordshire NLP4Kids therapy space is how to manage negativity on social media. Now, I’m not going to say tha [...]

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Parents And Professionals: What CAN You Do? Children And Young People: When You Want To Quit As parents and professionals, you’re hard wired to notice what’s not yet learned or where your young person [...]

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3) If you are someone, like me, who is highly visual, then you will be good at making up scenes in your mind. It may be that you have a super overactive imagination. A wonderful imagination can be a b [...]

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I wanted to share with you three simple things that can help you to combat anxiety. Now, I know that anxiety is an issue that causes problems for many people, not just young people but adults too. Wha [...]

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Inevitably the summer time brings about change. Whether it’s school transition, a new teacher, a new class or a change in your family life, the summer will usually offer up as much change as it offers [...]

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The term ‘slow learner’ is a misrepresentation (and poor terminology) of what is often going on inside the mind of a child or teenager who isn’t keeping up either academically or developmentally with [...]

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Through my work at my Hertfordshire Therapy Clinic I’ve noticed a regularly occurring issue amongst teenagers: being able to take responsibility for their emotions. What I’ve noticed with a lot of the [...]

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What makes someone reliable, trustworthy, someone you can depend on? Maybe it has something to do with believing their word and knowing that they will stick to their commitments. Sometimes we can be p [...]

BBC NEWS | Education

Period poverty campaigners are urging schools and colleges to opt-in to the new scheme in England. [...]

Research suggests that slang bans in schools may be more harmful than good. [...]

A review will examine how university funding can be targeted at priority subjects. [...]

The cases of all children with suspected special educational needs in Richmond are going to be revie [...]

Understanding usage by children is key to studying potential harms and benefits, psychiatrists say. [...]

The sharp rise in first class degrees from universities has stalled after pressure from ministers. [...]

Tens of thousands of 11- to 13-year-olds are being tricked into performing sex acts, data suggests. [...]

Law student Blair Anderson's relationship with his parents broke down but he struggled to acces [...]

This teenager found a new planet on the third day of his internship at the US space agency. [...]

Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi will become the first Japanese cabinet minister to take it. [...]