Does Anxiety run your life?

Maybe it’s hard to use your imagination in a positive way when you are worrying all the time?

But can you imagine being in a different place, anxiety free?

I can create a plan of action to help you overcome your anxiety!

I will help you focus on the techniques and make sure you have them, to make sure that you can overcome your anxiety as quickly as possible! Below are just some of the ways in which you can begin to overcome anxiety!

Path of Life

This is a cognitive process to help young people set goals and engage with the future consequences of their present actions (or lack of actions).

It is useful for building motivation to change, for behavioural problems and for creating a clear visual image of their options and outcomes.

It is also useful as it creates leverage for those who are both “towards” and “away from” driven in their meta programmes.


This teaches us how to change the coding we have for memories and experiences – the fine details – such as whether the memory is recalled in black and white or colour. Do we recall the memory as a movie or a still picture?

This knowledge enables us to reduce the impact of that which is negative and increase the impact of that which is positive. If there is something you do like that is bad for you, you can change that like to dislike.