It’s that time of year. Exams are over, school holidays are looming. Good times are coming.

Only for some of you they aren’t!

You will be faced with your child’s anxiety, anger or other challenge having the potential to remove the joy for themselves, you and your extended family. You can only see fractious times ahead. You see no joy only dread. You have reached out to your child and been kicked back numerous times and only have the expectation of more of the same. You really are not sure what your next move should be, you risk your frustration spilling over and obscuring your desire to help.

This often describes the feelings of parents I meet with. So trust me, if you are having the same experience you are certainly not alone. I recently met a young girl that was dealing with extreme anxiety. Over the course of five one to one sessions I was able to give her strategies that would enable her to combat her anxiety. She was very committed to resolving the challenge.

In her fifth session we discussed progress and she rated her levels of anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10. In her first session she had put her anxiety level at 10 out of 10. In her fifth session, during her exam week, she rated her anxiety as 1 out of 10. She had worked really hard with the strategies we had discussed but her level of success was a reflection of that great effort.

If this brief anecdote resonates with you and you need some help with the challenges you and yours are facing please get in touch. Take that first step…

Remember…if you keep on doing what you are doing you will keep on getting what you get.

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