10 Ways to Cope with Back to School Anxiety
1.Make sure your child takes time for self – care…sleeps, eats, drinks, relaxes.
2.Highlight the things that are enjoyed at school whatever they are.
3. Remind your child that they are not alone, there will be other children feeling the same as they are.
4. Lower the expectations, the goals of what can be achieved. You can build them back up once you have got through this difficult time.
5.Get your child outside, take a walk, exercise, play a game with them.
6. Explain to them what anxiety actually is, reassure them that the what ifs are normal.
7. Agree with them what to do if the stress/anxiety gets to be too much. Where can they take time out?
8.Talk to the school.
9. Explain to them how to control their own self talk, how to make it positive. Agree with them a positive self – affirmation they can use easily.
10. Discuss and agree a calming visualisation.

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