10 Ways to improve your relationship with your child at home-

1.Follow the three ‘F’s. Be fair, be friendly, and be firm.
2.Make room for family time, eat together, go out together, have fun together.
3.Hug them. No matter how old you are hugs are special.
4.Put down your phone…yes really.
5.Play with your child, they love it, yes even the teenagers.
6.When your child is being challenging, try to listen to their feelings and offer them strategies to deal with their problems.
7.Let your child help you around the house, garden etc.
8.Seek out one to one time with each child daily, even just five minutes before bedtime.
9.Let them make decisions. If they want to play round a friend’s house dressed as Spiderman, let them.
10.Learn to have a forgiving heart and not hold grudges.