I work in two schools in Reading and Milton Keynes carrying out workshops and 121 sessions for a range of children. This can be fairly typical of the workshops.
A small group of Year 4 children enter for the workshop. As I often do I asked each of them to rate their feeling of happiness. Three children responded with a 7 the fourth with zero. I asked this child if something in particular had happened this morning. Would they like to discuss it? Would they like us to help them increase their score to say a 2? The response was a resolute no to each question with arms tightly folded across his chest, he was keen to stay as he was thank you very much.
I confessed to the group that I also was not feeling great and asked if they would help me improve my emotional state using some of the strategies we had discussed in previous workshops…they were keen to help.
We discussed changing my posture and activity (body language). Various ideas were put forward to help me change my thinking and emotions (feelings).These combined included flossing, star jumps, recalling my Christmas presents, singing, reciting nursery rhymes and hugging. I asked the group if they would help me carry out these strategies which they were keen to do. A mad, loud, great fun 10 minutes ensued with nursery rhymes, flossing, singing etc. I omitted myself from the final group hug.
When all had returned to their seats we discussed how everybody felt and what their scores were now. Three had increased to 8 or 9. The fourth child with his arms still firmly crossed reluctantly admitted with a smile on his face that he was now a 5!
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