A testimonial means so much…
“Our daughter was suffering with recurrent bouts of anxiety which was causing social isolation and at worst manifesting physical symptoms of vomiting and insomnia which we were struggling to support and help her resolve.
Within the safety of her own environment Ian has offered one to one sessions via zoom. His easy and kind manner and focused listening allowed her to feel quickly at ease enabling her to open up and confide in him.
The sessions were light hearted, filled with laughter and fun, facilitating a swift identification of the root causes of her anxieties and why it was resulting in physical symptoms. Once identified he worked with her to provide coping and managing strategies and soon her confidence and sparkle returned.
After every session Ian would feedback to us what had been covered and what progress had been made. He also pointed out things we should look out for or if there was anything in the sessions which could possibly trigger her. As parents we found this feedback to be invaluable in helping us to help our daughter through the process.
She now feels confident about the future and whilst some of these triggers may be ever present she has the tools and the ability to prevent them from overwhelming her.
We would not hesitate in recommending Ian and will remain forever grateful to him for giving us our daughter back.”