Another testimonial, makes me go all warm and fuzzy!
“It’s not easy to admit as a parent that you may need outside help for your children. My son was dealing with anger management issues that were affecting his schooling and behaviour at home. I contacted Ian because I sensed that my son needed to hear another voice to help him get back on track. Ian’s approach is empathetic and straightforward. He gains trust by making it clear from the start that what is discussed between himself and the child may at times remain confidential. Most of all he is approachable and non-judgemental and he is there for the parents as well. On a number of occasions I picked up the phone and said, “how do I deal with this?” and he was able to help. He has helped my son calm down, improved the atmosphere at home and stopped a situation that felt at times like it was spiralling out of control. I would recommend him unreservedly.”