Going back to school after an Easter break filled with the joy of chocolate is a challenging prospect for many children. Possibly there will be new teachers, new routine, new classrooms, perhaps they now need to travel by bus to school, make new friends, study new subjects.
Who are they going to eat with at lunch? Play with at break? Who is going to walk with them to school? Who is going to teach them all the new rules and routine? How are they going to make new friends?
I am working with many children facing the challenge of daily anxiety, anger and behaviour issues. Some of these children are experiencing spikes in that anxiety and anger as their fears and concerns increase. Fortunately, with the strategies they are learning in sessions with me these challenges can be dealt with in a much better fashion than previously. Most have experienced an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, an increase in their ability to deal with negative emotions and a greater ability to communicate effectively. Both with teachers and parents. Their sense of self-worth has increased, and they are more able to cope with change and the tribulations that life will inevitably throw at them.
I can help your child through 121 sessions that are tailored to their specific needs. I can give them tools and strategies that will help ease the anxiety of these first few weeks back in school and increase their positive emotional state allowing them to reach their full potential.
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