Lesson time!!

I would like to teach you some quick hacks today on how to support your kids when they are going through a tough time …
Teach your children these lessons which emphasize respect and responsibility and live them yourself. If you are a frustrated person yourself, your child will act as you do.

Twelve Hugs a Day for all Family Members. You may substitute touches, smiles, compliments and affectionate gestures for the these hugs, but get a balance between these four categories of positive expression. Give twelve positive strokes after a blow out with someone you care about to do damage repair on the relationship. Making up after an argument is a necessary skill to keep a relationship thriving.

‘Mean What You Say And Say What You Mean,’ When you make a commitment, keep it. When you say only what you will follow through on, your children will learn that you mean business. If you say it, do it. Move your body not your mouth for discipline and insist that your child minds by your following though. If you aren’t going to follow through forget about saying it.

Learn from Your Mistakes. Errors are for learning, not for beating yourself up. Learn to problem solve after failing and you will have a sure-fire formula for success. Self esteem grows when mistakes are used to examine your life and do it different next time. Stretch and grow from your mistakes and you will have a sure-fire formula for success. You are as mature as you are able to own your errors and get a plan to correct them.

No Sniveling. No whining. No excuses. Take responsibility for your goof ups. Taking responsibility is real power, personal power. That is true POWER!