Stress and anger…we all get it from time to time. For me this picture is a great stress reliever. I can feel all my troubles ebbing away across the water.
Here are some of my favourite ways to help children that are experiencing anger or stress.
*For young children light a candle for them to blow out. Light it again but move further away so they have to blow harder taking deeper and deeper breaths as you inch further away. Youngsters love it and it also works as an immediate distraction from the situation while encouraging deep breathing.
*Popping bubble wrap is something we all enjoy. Race your child to be the first to make 20 pops. Great distracting fun.
* if you have fish in a tank watching them swim around has a calming effect and reduces heart rate.
*Go for a run. Challenge your child! Go faster, longer, further. Maybe you have to sing a song or recite a nursery rhyme too, make it fun. A great keep fit starter too…
* Use anchoring, an NLP technique to recall a previous powerful happy emotion.

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