‘Can you help?’
Some of the challenges faced by a few of the children I have worked with successfully this year.
(All names changed)

Bill, anger issues predominantly at school, swearing at and assaulting teachers.
Kiera, acute anxiety around school and travelling to school.
Charlie, anger issues at home, school behaviour fine.
Maisy, sleep and parental separation issues, anxiety causing family disruption.
Harry, refusal to go to school and anger issues creating anxiety among family members.
Holly, inability to make friends, lack of social skills, resulting in lack of confidence and self esteem.
Jack, anxiety and frustration drive him to anger particularly at school, inability to express emotions.
Matt, difficulty concentrating and focusing on school work, exam anxiety/stress.
Zoe, gender and body image issues resulting in loss of friendship group, lack of confidence and self esteem.
Abigail, recent parental separation, anxiety, sleep and separation challenges.
Ryan, lack of motivation, aspiration and various school issues. Over reliance on video gaming.
Tim, self harm and lack of confidence, difficulty adhering to rules and taking instruction in school.

These children range in age from 7 to 18.

Recent parental comment ‘Ian has worked wonders with my 16 year old son… he has made him feel relaxed and not ashamed of why he needs help… would recommend him to anyone.’
So the answer is ‘Yes, I probably can help!’

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