The school holidays are nearly at an end, seems like 5 minutes ago they started. I will be working in a Milton Keynes (primary)and a Reading (secondary) again this term. Milton Keynes will be with new groups, a couple of 121 clients will be the same as previously. Do I have enough questionnaires, enough workshop booklets, pens, paper etc.
Reading is likely to concentrate on 121 therapy this term with maybe the one group workshop. They should have a new pastoral centre open when I start. What will the room be like? Will it be well equipped? How will I break down the barriers in this new environment?
New 121 enquiries have remained strong during this school break meaning I have not taken any time off. Is it the advertising? Word of mouth?
I have started to engage with local sports clubs and securing funding for their mental health concerns, this is going well, several further meetings this week. The website is to be overhauled to reflect my further qualifications later in the year so lots of copywriting and meetings to achieve this.
Looks like a busy run in to the year end.
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