Why I do this job…

Hello, so firstly I wanted to say a massive thank you again, the progress we have seen in xxxx is amazing. She is herself again, she is having fun and dancing and being silly and acting like a 10 year old should again, which is amazing.
This morning she had a wobble about going to school and she used the techniques you have taught her to help and it really calmed her down. I have been using the relaxation technique you taught us the other day to help me to calm down, I’m using it everyday so far and it’s helped me so much.
You have made such a difference to us all, when my mum was really ill ,having you there helped xxxx so much. She knew that she could talk to you and you would be honest, but also make her feel able to deal with the situation, and that was so important.
With eating, she still has her moments, but she isn’t overthinking it, she will just eat when she’s hungry now, and even though she does still ask for a takeaway every day and chocolate(!!) She is eating much better, and proper food, so that is amazing.
I recommend you to everyone whose kids are having issues as I feel you offer such great, practical support and never make the kids feel judged or worried about anything. Even the times she didn’t want to join she always came away with a big smile and feeling more positive.
Thank you so so much , and I’m glad you are available if we need you , although I’m hoping we won’t (in the nicest possible way 😂!)
Have a lovely day and we really appreciate all that you have done for us and thank you for helping us to get our xxxx back.