Up at 5.00am, breakfast, shower, out at 6.30am to get to Reading. Arrive 8.00am, a bit longer than usual the A404 was rammed. Brief update with Pastoral Care contact. First child arrives 8.30am for one-hour session. Others follow, break and update pastoral care re safeguarding issue that came up during session with a child. More sessions and lunch at 1.15pm with further Pastoral Care update. Finish at 3.00 and give final update to Pastoral Care contact, update on safeguarding action agreed, content and children for next week agreed. Total 9 children seen in one to one sessions and 6 in a workshop.
3.15pm run a one-hour course of NLP for teachers demonstrating the NLP Communication Model and answering questions. Good fun and great for the teachers to be able to reinforce the work I had done during the day with children.
Leave Reading 4.30pm home at 6.00pm a good run. Half hour break coffee and snack. Write reports for day, respond to emails and set up for tomorrow. Finish 9.00pm, a long but satisfying day.
If you need to address anxiety, anger or other challenges please contact me.