Dealing with Body Image Issues: Children and Young People
If you are unhappy with the way you look to a point where it impacts upon how you feel or causes you to think negatively about yourself, there are a few important things that can really help.
Firstly, the quickest and easiest way to change your body image isn’t by changing your image – it’s by changing how you think about what you see. Self acceptance will always give you more power and self confidence than a physical change. Remember too, that some aspects of body image are just fashion (has anyone notice that big lips are ‘in’ at the moment? A few years a go thin lips were ‘in’ and they will be again one day. Any one who has made a permanent change to their appearance will likely regret the decision when the fashions change in the future.)
Secondly, looking good doesn’t just come down to your body. It’s in what you wear, how you express yourself and how you interact with the world. Perhaps there are some improvements that could be made here.
Make sure you find something about yourself to like and make that your focus. Even if it’s just one eyebrow! Start somewhere positive and build in more over time.
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