Exams cancelled, no prom: over the next week we will give you 6 ways to help your children cope with lockdown loss..

Everyone is affected, and we have all have experienced some kind of loss, even if we’ve been fortunate enough not to lose someone close to us.

Loss of a rite of passage (no exams, end of school prom, final class photos – the list goes on). No proper goodbye to primary school life. No normal birthday celebrations. Loss of physical contact with friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. Loss of the normal, social connection that all of us need.

Social media means that young people can be better connected than ever before, and many relationships have even flourished during lockdown. That said, young people acknowledge that this can’t replace face-to-face contact.

So how can you, as a parent or carer, help your child deal with the losses they are having to endure throughout this lockdown?

Take care of yourself🌈

Is your mind so scrambled by constant news reports that it’s hard to manage your mood? If (understandably) it is, take steps to manage your state of mind. Daily exercise, relaxation techniques, talking things over – these can all help. With such uncertainty in the world, your children need more than ever to feel they can come to you for reassurance. This is terribly hard if you feel in a state of panic, so try to manage your own anxiety levels.

Keep your eye out for the next 6 ways to cope with lockdown loss and supporting your children through it